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If accepted, Stars will have direct access to great opportunities.

If accepted, Partners are instantly legitimatized and have the best channel to propose directly opportunities to Stars.


A secure communication that allow Axisstars members to negotiate or accept opportunities.

Only Opportunities that Stars Members are interested in.

Let the app do the rest.

No more barriers.

Secure, Confidential and Exclusive, Stars and Partners will have unique experiences.



Publish Directly Opportunities  with a Dedicated BACKOFFICE



Icons or Stars can do more business and get more information and education.

Amazing Network at your palm of your hand with no more barriers. Build the trust with great deals 

Best companies to advice and guide during but after a career where it's even more important.


Private Jet, Luxury brand, the best concierge or all the best apps all in one unique place.


Network Worldwide to provide the most exquisite opportunities

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Why Axisstars?

50 to 78% of Sportmens go bankrupt

Stars from Entertainment or Sport don't feel secure and in control enough.

Nicolas Cage, Brendan Fraser or Tony Braxton are examples in other industries.

Digital can reduce the number of advices to listen to, entourage or staff to choose from and opportunities to trust.

Axisstars wants to increase the accuracy.



Axisstars aim to Innovate the way they are managed and control business better.


An Axisstars member?

Stars From the Entertainment industries


Stars From the Sport industries


Any Brands in Fashion or companies in High tech, Airlines, Hotels, Art, Real Estate, etc...

can find it very interesting to work directly with Axisstars members.


The AxisStars Vision

“I want  Axis Stars to federate Stars and take their industries forward by establishing better standards and provide a brighter future ” Louis Saha - Former Football Pro & Founder of Axis Stars AxisStars aim to improve Quality, Trust and Transparency deals by deals with the rating and feedbacks.


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Emmanuel Eboue Tragic Story

Emmanuel Eboue has been offered a coaching role by Galatasaray after learning of the defender’s plight. The ex-Arsenal star has been left with nothing after a bitter divorce battle with his wife Aurelie. Eboue spends his days hiding from ­bailiffs, sometimes sleeps on the floor of a friend’s home, travels by bus and even cleans […]


AxisStars is the News

It is inevitable, yet so many footballers seem unprepared for it. The end of a player’s career is a key moment – a huge change – and how he deals with it will shape the rest of his life. Many players struggle. Gone are the routines of daily training, the adrenaline of the matches, the […]





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