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Our Admissions and Ethics Committee vets Members, removing the need for Sports and Entertainment professionals to gamble on any key decisions. Once inside, Members can rate Partners after each transaction.

It's completely free for Stars to join. With hundreds of Members already signed up, the AxisStars community is an invaluable resource, available 24/7.


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Stars find it hard to trust but they do
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With 24/7 mobile access to the Community, Stars can educate themselves, connect with mentors and equip themselves with the information they need at their own pace.


The Admissions & Ethics Committee, along with peer ratings of Partners and access to fellow Stars who have lived similar experiences, enables our Star members to take decisions with confidence


Strengthened by the community, and with access to expert advisors, Stars can have the impact they choose in their career & the wider community

Finally a safe place, built for Stars who can still focus on their career while developing personally

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A taste of what you can do in the AxisStars Community

  • Unlock New Opportunities

    It can be hard to directly approach brands about collaborations in public forums. In this private environment, you can raise your hand discreetly. Build your network digitally & by attending AxisStars events

  • Transact in Confidence

    Check the ratings given to Partners and Stars by your peers before choosing to engage with them

  • Exclusive Marketplace

    Find the best deals on relevant products & services as well as Opportunities to generate extra income through endorsement deals and media work

  • Develop your Career

    Attend exclusive webinars and connect with specialists such as Business Coaches, Media Trainers or Brand Experts who can support you in all stages of your career

  • Plan Ahead

    Find verified Experts to advise you on a range of ways to secure your future (from Art Collections to Property Investments) and entirely new streams of income

  • Play It Forward

    Find new causes to support or ambassadors for your charity

The platform has been incredible. Onboarding was a smooth and easy process and access to the stars has really helped to boost our business. It doesn't feel transactional at all, more that we can help the stars and they can help us! Really excited to see how the platform grows as it seems to get better each month with new features and members being added all of the time. 10/10 from us! 
RNS Meals
AxisStars works so well for me as a comic where I don’t have time to research for leisure and style, or events where I can offer my skills as a comedian!
Dane Baptiste
Working with AxisStars has been incredibly rewarding. Astro (Malaysia) had a last minute cancellation from a football legend to make an event appearance in KL, and within 24 hours we were able to secure a replacement. Also, the process and user experience on the platform is fairly straightforward. I cannot stress enough how important trust and a strong professional relationships is, in the sports industry - and we get that with AxisStars.
Nicholas John Snr Asst Vice President, Sports Production