Introducing AxisStars

The first app of its kind

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A private and secure network which removes the need for Stars to gamble on any key decisions. They get direct, continuous access to trusted brands, service providers and relevant information to educate themselves.

With hundreds of Stars and Partners already signed up, the AxisStars platform is the Ultimate Star Assistant available 24/7.

A private and secure network where Stars can connect.

AxisStars is the Ultimate Star Assistant.

Deals targeted to Star preferences

Stars select their interests and complete their profile to enable Partners to show them the most relevant offers.

Tailored Sponsorship Opportunities

Stars can find new endorsement deals whilst Partners can identify the perfect Brand Ambassadors in just a few clicks

Trusted Advisors & Experts

Stars can be confident that any service providers they connect with in the app have been verified as trustworthy. This also enables Partners to gain new clients in a niche market.

Private & Secure Communication

Stars and Partners can contact each other in confidence knowing that their messages are encrypted.

With direct and private messaging, Stars and Partners have more control over their business.

Get notifications and alerts direct to your phone so you never miss out on new opportunities.

A taste of what you can do on the AxisStars Platform

  • Access All Areas to a World of Opportunity

    Grow your network in the app and through attendance of AxisStars events with your peers

  • Exclusive Marketplace

    Stars can find the most relevant deals on the items or experiences that matter to them including Cars, Fashion & Luxury Holidays.

  • Transact in Confidence

    Check the ratings given to Partners and Stars by your peers before choosing to engage with them

  • Develop your Career

    Connect with specialists such as Business Coaches, Media Trainers or Brand Experts who can support you in the next stage of your career

  • Plan Ahead

    Find verified Experts to advise you on a range of ways to secure your future from Art Collections to Property Investments and entirely new streams of income

  • Play It Forward

    Find new causes to support or ambassadors for your charity