What is the purpose of AxisStars ?

AxisStars is a safe environment facilitating direct and transparent transactions between Stars and carefully curated Partners. We enable deals to be completed more quickly by both parties and help them to expand their business in a global and secure way.


Why join AxisStars ?

AxisStars members can work and interact in this secure environment, where every service and product has been validated as trustworthy and of high quality.


As a Star

  • Everything you need in one place
  • Product and services reviewed by peers to help you make the right decisions
  • Get better understanding and control to be equipped for your second career
  • Best quality products and direct connection with trusted service providers
  • Private and secure communication with your peers
  • Offline networking events around the world for face to face connections
  • Mentoring opportunities to learn from or coach your peers
  • Grow your network and learn about business in your own time whilst finding top products and services to help you enjoy life

As a Partner

  • Attract more clients and identify suitable Ambassadors for your brand
  • Target different opportunities to selected Stars from the worlds of Sport & Entertainment
  • Private comms – no Star has the same experience
  • Execute the very best Influencer Marketing by communicating with your target audience through Stars who have an existing following of loyal fans
  • Maintain control of your brand canvas with Back Office tools to create attractive opportunities
  • No unnecessary intermediaries
  • Use secure messaging to network with prospects and clients
  • Work directly in global markets saving time & money

Who are the AxisStars members ?

Our Stars are Pro Athletes, Actors, Artists and Singers.

Our Partners can be from any industry but need to be recommended and have ethical ways of doing business. Only a few thousand will have the chance to enter the network from the millions of companies who would do anything to transact directly with Stars.


How does AxisStars make money ?

AxisStars charges Partners a membership fee to enter our platform and list their top Opportunities with us. The AxisStars platform is constantly growing, as more people with extraordinary talents enter the fields of sports and entertainment. We are able to host our events thanks to sponsorship from key Partners.


Is AxisStars trying to replace Agents ?

Of course not. AxisStars operates as a neutral and supports agents who work transparently with their clients. AxisStars acts as a facilitator but we do our best to ensure that only trusted partners with strong reputations are present on our platform.

Our Representative subscription allows talent to invite their agent into the community and give them access to view the Opportunities they are targeted with and reply on their behalf.


Using the App

Does AxisStars get involved in my transactions ?

No. We spend time finding the right Partners for the app and validating them so that we can be sure they are trusted. Our Stars are our priority members and we want to help them find the very best product and services at the best price. Once a Partner has been approved in the app, they are free to decide on their offering and prices. They will communicate directly with any Stars interested in their products and will fulfil the transaction directly.

AxisStars is just here to facilitate the connection between Top Partners and Stars in a secure environment.

Is it safe to buy very expensive products on AxisStars ?

Yes. Buying and selling across borders is easier and simpler than ever before. Our Partners have great experience when it comes to shipping, insuring and handling payment from anywhere in the world, talk to them directly and they will be happy to help.

What languages are used in AxisStars ?

For now, the AxisStars navigation is only in English, French and Spanish but each private communication is up to the member. We are working on local language versions so watch this space!