Become a Partner

We call the businesses who join AxisStars ‘Partners’ because we are creating a win-win community. Trust and transparency are the foundations of AxisStars, so the selection of our Partners is extremely important.


The Benefits of AxisStars

Pay 0% Commission

AxisStars takes NO Commission on any business you do in the Community.

Tailored Offers

Create and target your listings directly to Pro-Talent eg: Brand Ambassador Role, Female, Tennis, 25-35y, UK

Direct Connections

Exchange messages directly with Talent in our secure App. Build strong and authentic partnerships.

Brand Building

Raise awareness of your business & add value to the Community by sharing articles on the StarWall or participating in our private Webinars.


Receive a rating from any Talent you transact with. Use your AxisStars Rating outside of the app to boost trust.

How can you join?

AxisStars is building trust for Pro-Athletes & Entertainers

We’ve recruited an Admissions & Ethics Committee made up of a wide range of Experts to ensure that we only select the very best companies to join the ecosystem.

We grow our Partner list in line with the growth of our Star Members. For this reason, you may find that you are added to a waiting list initially.