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For pro-athletes and entertainers, their social media accounts are an essential resource in their toolkit. Not only do they allow them to directly engage with their fanbase, but they can be a valuable source of income too. Particularly in sport, careers end at an early age, so it’s important for athletes to be preparing for the future. Having their own audience through social media is vital for them to be able to promote whatever they go on to do next.
It’s often the case that the clubs or organisations that talent works for only provide social media training which will ensure that there is no reputational damage to the institutions themselves, rather than arming their players, actors etc with useful skills to help develop their career.
At AxisStars we are here to support all pro-athletes and entertainers. This month we begin a free 4 week social media course to help them to get the most from their accounts. This course is open to any pro-athletes and entertainers, book your places below

About the course

In this 4 week course, we will take you through the key things you need to know with ample time for questions and discussion.
Choose from Tuesday or Wednesday sessions every other week to learn:

Session 1: Finding your voice on social media

  • Which platforms should you choose?
  • What makes a great @ handle and bio?
  • What will you post about?
  • How can you create regular content in a manageable way for your schedule?
  • How can you build your following?

Click to book your FREE place for Tuesday 26th April 7pm UK time

Click to book your FREE place for Wednesday 4th May 7pm UK time

Session 2: Making the most of social media functionality

This session will take more of a deep dive into the different platforms and the way that you can use their native functionality

  • Key functionality on each platform to use
  • How to get the best reach
  • Use of hashtags

Click to book your FREE place for Wednesday 18th May 7pm UK time

Session 3: Working with brands

  • How to make your account appeal to brands looking to work with influencers
  • Understanding your analytics
  • What to think about when approaching brands
  • ASA guidelines

Click to book your FREE place for Wednesday 1st June 7pm UK time

Session 4: Staying Safe on Social Media

For this session we will be joined by Matt Himsworth of B5 Consultancy who is an expert in reputation management and media law

  • Protecting your reputation
  • Interacting with trolls
  • Safety features on the platforms

Click to book your FREE place for Wednesday 15th June 7pm UK time

The sessions will be delivered by our Co-Founder and COO Kate Hamer. She has over 20 years experience, having worked in digital pretty much as early as it was possible to. She started her career in the mobile phone industry where she worked on the launches for the first camera phones and phones with early internet. At Disney she launched the Facebook and Twitter accounts for Disney Stores and at L’Oreal she was responsible for all the social channels for L’Oreal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline and Essie. Since starting her own business she has worked with a wide range of companies and individuals on their digital footprint. Her recent work includes the Community Management Strategy for FIFA’s World Cup accounts and training for a wide range of talent from celebrity bakers to comedians and singers. She works closely with the platforms themselves and is using them herself day in and day out. She recognises the downsides of social platforms but continues to believe that they can be really great places to discover new things, meet new people and support each other.

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