The Guardian: Louis Saha: ‘I really liked playing football but this is a real challenge’

The former Manchester United and Tottenham striker’s desire to make a difference has led him down an unusual path after hanging up his boots.

It is inevitable, yet so many footballers seem unprepared for it. The end of a player’s career is a key moment – a huge change – and how he deals with it will shape the rest of his life. Many players struggle. Gone are the routines of daily training, the adrenaline of the matches, the interaction with team-mates and club staff, and the adulation from fans. There is a massive void to fill.

It is an enormous challenge that requires a different set of skills to the ones used on the pitch. Some players stay in football and become pundits or coaches; there are those who turn their focus to charity work and others who struggle to fill their days; and then there are those who are busier than ever. Louis Saha falls into that final category.

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