AxisStars & Phoenix Sport & Media Group Announce Partnership

Former footballers turned entrepreneurs join forces to empower the sporting community.

Former Premier League & French International footballer Louis Saha’s AxisStars, the private community for professional Sports & Entertainment Stars has added a new Partner organisation with some familiar faces to its network this week. Phoenix Sport & Media Group‘s (PSMG) owners include Andy Cole, Brian Deane, Michael Thomas, Rod Wallace and Paul Williams.

A career in Sport or Entertainment can be very exciting and rewarding. However, there is another side that is not often shown but unfortunately occurs all too regularly. Up to 50% of professional athletes go bankrupt or suffer financial hardship within just 5 years of retirement. Not to mention falling foul of scams, bad advice, mental health issues and more. Louis developed the AxisStars Community with marketing & digital specialist Kate Hamer to empower athletes and entertainers to equip themselves with the advice and information they need throughout their career and into the next one. When Louis and Kate started chatting to Phoenix Sport & Media Group, it was clear that their objectives and passion to improve the industry aligned.

PSMG was created by lifelong friends as the company that they wish they had representing them when they were playing. The company is headed by Carly Barnes- Short (a lawyer), who is the wife of ex-pro Craig Short and Ben Rees (an award-winning financial advisor who represents some of the highest profile names in the business). PSMG combines the knowledge of those who play the game at the highest level with trusted experts, all of whom can demonstrate a proven track record in looking after football players and their interests. With AxisStars’ mission to provide a platform for professional athletes to access vetted and reliable products, services, advice and education, it really was an obvious choice to bring PSMG into the community. The two companies are focused on making this industry more transparent and believe that business transactions can be done in a way where everyone wins.

PSMG will not just be offering their wealth management services to AxisStars members, they will also be providing education on a range of topics to prepare for life after sport. They will be collaborating with the AxisStars team to deliver some bespoke webinars for members and Carly will also join the Admissions & Ethics Committee with her legal expertise in reviewing and checking member applications from non-conflicting industries. 

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