More than 500 footballers may have lost up to £1bn due to bad advice

This morning David Conn published an article in The Guardian highlighting the risks for footballers when they are seeking advice, particularly in financial matters. Calls for reform of the PFA are increasing with over 200 professional players supporting an open letter asking for an independent review of the organisation.

Here at AxisStars, we have always been motivated by this issue in the industry and are working hard to ensure that players, alongside Stars from other sports and entertainment industries, can find the right advice that they need at all stages of their career. By creating our secure and private platform, we are able to connect Stars with trusted and verified partners in all areas of their professional and personal lives from lawyers & wealth managers to interior designers and business coaches.

“I developed AxisStars because it is something that I wish existed during my playing career. I’m working hard to ensure that today’s athletes can get the support they need. I understand that some people may not see this as a priority for what they consider to be ‘privileged industries’ but I don’t see why having wealth should mean you don’t get honest and transparent support. Of course the wider benefit is that once Stars are saving both time and money with the right partners, they will be more able to support the wider community and get involved in initiatives for social good.”

It can be so difficult to evaluate the knowledge and talent of different service providers and it can become even more complicated when you are of a high net worth. The time has come to stop people taking advantage of young talent and put the Stars back in control. The AxisStars platform is home to truly fantastic partners who Stars can trust. We welcome all those brands and services who are transparent and authentic. Let’s make sure that business is always win-win!

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